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Social Construction of Penis

Fede Reyes’s work is clean and perfectionist. Tidiness and neatness encourage to those whom contemplate his work, neutralizing us from chaos and isolating us from the noise of the world, giving us calm. His drawings transmit the sensitivity and elegance of who sketch them and allow us to discover his cautious personality.

Social Construction of Penis is maybe the most paradigmatic example of Fede Reyes’s viewer role. It is a twenty-four watercolor series in a small format, which were made from pictures of people from all around the world. The result of this project –which we can consider is a collaborative work- is a unique portrait of penis collection, or a phallic gallery, that make sense as a whole. The aim is to highlight the beauty of this part of the body and also remind to the world that the penis it is not necessarily linked to pornography or at the masculine ego statement or manhood, that there is nothing ugly, or bad, or dirty in his representation. In Fede Reye’s watercolors there is play, curiosity, interest and for sure there is also eroticism. But, why should not be there? There is no eroticism in Greek's “kuros”? or in baroque's Venus? or in anatomical studies of a lot artists along Art History?

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